Family Advocates of Georgia, Inc

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About US

Family Support Organization (FSO) We are a family-run, county-based organizations that provide direct family-to-family peer support, education, advocacy and other services to family members of children with emotional and behavioral problems. 

Family Advocates of Georgia, Inc (FAOGA) also a Georgia Local Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health  non-profit 501(c)3 which is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, advocacy, support for families and children, and resource referral.

Our Mission:

To offer comprehensive services, support & trainings to families raising children with emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health/ substance abuse challenges and their children that will result in the successful accomplishment of their life goals. We will serve as advocates to insure that services of family and child serving agencies, are viable to meeting the needs of these groups.

Our Goals:

To improve the quality of life for all families and children through the promotion of strong, healthy, educated, informed, and successful families.

We Believe:

  • Many Families are " Multi-stressed" not disfunctional."
  • Practicing a strenghts based approach.
  • Children need positive family, school, & community support.
  • All children can learn and must be assisted in reaching their full potiential.
  • Home, School, & Community Partners will foster productive and contributing citizens.

The people that work at the Family Support Organization are parents or guardians whose children have experienced the same challenges and successes as the families we serve.

  • Challenging behavior at home?
  • Challenging behavior at school or not going to school?
  • Disrespectful behavior?
  • Thinking or talking about death or suicide?
  • Sadness or worries?
  • Making or keeping friends?
  • Use of alcohol or drugs?
  • Harmful behavior to self or others?
  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits?


About the CEO

I, Melissa Alford is the parent of a child with Behavioral Health challenges and the Founder and CEO of Family Advocates of Georgia, Inc, A Local Chapter of the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health, a non-profit organization that serves families with children who are at risk for or have behavioral health, emotional, mental and substance abuse challenges. In addition, I’m the Lead Family Support to the Statewide Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health, in Georgia for Georgia Parent Support Network. In this capacity, I’m responsible for organizing outreach activities, expanding Federation Chapters across the state of Georgia, providing technical assistance around family engagement and increasing capacity of family involvement.
I have participated in Georgia collaborative efforts for systemic transformation and coordination of services delivered to children with Serious Emotional Disorder (SED) through I participation in the Child & Adolescent Infrastructure Grant (CASIG) . Throughout the CASIG grant, I contributed to strengthening family driven services through delivery of trainings and cultivation of authentic parent and youth voice. I have received several awards highlighting my commitment to the overall family movement throughout Georgia which include Mental Health of America of Individual Community Supporter, 2009; KidsNet Georgia; Sustaining System of Care, “Family Champion”, 2010: WOW Ministries Individual Community Supporter.

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